Dont Miss Leslie Bonci, Nutritionist Wednesday 1-16-2013 @ Mt Ararat

Leslie Bonci nutritionist brought to you by the Biggest Loser, $5.00

Leslie Bonci nutritionist brought to you by the Biggest Loser, $5.00

Name:  Leslie Bonci  Credentials:  MPH RD CSSD LDNCompany:  UPMC Subunits:  Sports Dietetics – USA (SD-USA)

About Leslie

She is the director of sports nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Leslie is the sports dietitian for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Penguins, University of Pittsburgh Department of Athletics, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, and Milwaukee Brewers and am a member of the USOC Sports Nutrition Network.

Leslie is also the author of Sport Nutrition for Coaches, Human Kinetics, June 2009 co-author of Run Your Butt Off, Rodale 2011 and The Active Calorie Diet, Prevention 2011; and the Ask the Sports Dietitian blogger for Runners

Admission $5.00 and open to the public.  Contact the church office for more information 412.441.1800

No cost to the Biggest Loser participants.

What an awesome and informative session.  We walked away with great tips to help us along our way.  Leslie was funny and full of wisdom.  Did you know that Women should consume 11 glasses of liquid a day?! and Men 15 glasses a day?!  That tip and so many more from Leslie.


Leslie provided lots of anecdotes about the nutrition choices she provides to groups such as the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Pittsburgh Penguins.  They have to be healthy and watch their weight too!


Leslie spent time after the workshop to provide individual advice and answer participants questions.  A really good night.



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