Highmark presented Mt Ararat Baptist Church with an AED Machine and American Red Cross Training. . .


On Saturday 2/2/2013 volunteers attended the CPR/AED American Red Cross training sponsored by Highmark.

Dr Rhonda Johnson, and Paul Pellmon of Highmark’s Health Equity and Quality Services, arranged CPR/AED training @ Mt Ararat Baptist Church, by the American Red Cross.

What is CPR/AED?

  •  CPR cardiac pulmonary resuscitation
  •  AED Automatic external defibrillator

Highmark presented Mt Ararat Health and Wellness Ministry with the AED machine as a gift to the Mt Ararat Baptist Church.  Highmark gave AED machines to churches in the area.  Dr Johnson’s Highmark team’s mission is to provide expertise in multicultural healthcare.

photo compliments of Loretta Martin

photo compliments of Loretta Martin

What is the purpose of CPR/AED @ Mt Ararat?

To saves a lot of lives!

(AED) automated external defibrillator is a device that sends an electric shock to the heart that will restore the natural heart rhythm to the victim during a cardiac arrest

When the AED electrodes are applied to the victim’s chest, it automatically analyzes the heart rhythm and the rescuer is then advised whether a shock is needed to regain a normal heart beat. The heart has been defibrillated when the victim’s heart resumes normal beating; as per wiki.answers

The AED can be used by a lay person and you do not have to be a medical professional to use it

photo provided by Loretta Martin

photo provided by Loretta Martin

The class attendees will receive their CPR/AED certification card from the American Red Cross.

photo by Loretta Martin

photo by Loretta Martin

Thanks to Highmark, the American Red Cross and the volunteers that attended this valuable training.




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