Come Prepared Tonight 2/6/2013 for YOGA with Keya Williams

Tonight YOGA in a non-competitive fitness format that will increase strength, improve coordination and balance, lower stress, and help with weight loss. Instructor: Keya Williams, AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor

Later in the month we will also have Keya back on 2/20/2013 so we can learn how to incorporate nutrition and wellness for the whole family with Keya Williams, a AFAA certified group exercise instructor

photo from Keyas Nurtured Mother site

As a homemaker/stay-at-home-mom and wife to George and mother to George III, Cori, and Adrian, “one of the best parts of my life is the work I get to do in nurturing this family to good health. Not just for the sake of it, but so that with strong bodies, minds and spirits, my kids can go out into the world and ENJOY their lives and be a blessing to others.”, per Keya on her “Nourished Motherhood” site.

Keya Williams’ Summary

Keya’s website and blog is “Nourished Motherhood” and is dedicated to providing spiritual parenting tips for everyday moms.

Keya’s giftings are on topics that include 1) Spiritual Parenting and how to find a more spirit/God centered way of raising your children. 2) How to nourish your relationship with your spouse or partner using spiritual principles. 3) Practical ways to use a spiritual perspective to improve your physical well-being. 4) And tried and true techniques to evolve in your own spiritual journey (even with a house full of kids and a husband to manage)

Specialties: spiritual parenting, spirituality, motherhood


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