Tonight Wednesday 2/20/2013 Keya Williams Returns. . .Her Topic tonight is Family Wellness. . . Calling All Teams… Photo Opportunity!!! It’s Team Week. . .

photo from Keyas Nurtured Mother site

Hello Biggest Loser participants! Again Keya Williams returns tonight Wednesday 2/20/2013 & another Photo Op!  It’s TEAM Week with the Mt Ararat Biggest Loser competition.

Photo Opportunity Again Tonight Wednesday 2/20/2013 since Monday went so well, we are doing it again. So Come and Have FUN! Celebrate your TEAM spirit tonight with Keya Williams as she returns, tonight she will discuss “Family Wellness”.

Keya Williams’ Summary

Nourished Motherhood is a website and blog dedicated to providing spiritual parenting tips for everyday moms.

On the site you will find information on 1) Spiritual Parenting and how to find a more spirit/God centered way of raising your children. 2) How to nourish your relationship with your spouse or partner using spiritual principles. 3) Practical ways to use a spiritual perspective to improve your physical well-being. 4) And tried and true techniques to evolve in your own spiritual journey (even with a house full of kids and a husband to manage)


spiritual parenting, spirituality, motherhood

For more check out Keya’s site


So How Is Your Team Doing? Tell Us All About it!
What is your team’s name, what are you doing to be successful, submit your team leader’s name, are you in regular contact with your TEAM? Your TEAM does need you. . .
Wear your TEAM Color T-Shirts, (If you have not yet picked up your T-Shirt you may do so when you come in for your Monday weigh-in)

Team Calloboration

Here is the Listing we have for the TEAMs and their Colors
Team A is RED
Team C is ORANGE
Team D is PURPLE
Team E is BROWN
Team F is COBALT BLUE, and the team’s name is “Fierce, Fit and Fabulous”
Team G is GREEN
Team H is Black (BL Committee – if you need something, we are here for you – see one of us)

Don’t forget to bring/pick up your T-Shirts
Don’t forget your Medical Clearance form is required for Fitness Programs
Don’t forget Photo Op on Tonight Wednesday 2/20/2013 since Monday 2/18/2013 was so good we decided to do it again!

And don’t forget our tonight with Keya Williams. . .

Team Pull Togeather


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