Teams Bring your T-Shirts, Weights and Mats – Willie Chapman will be here Friday 2/22/2013 with Fitness thru Muay Thai. . .

Another Photo Op. . . This is Team Week Friday . . .

Tonight Willie Chapman, Personal Trainer is our guest instructor.  Through Muay Thai you will lose weight, look better and get in better shape!  Bring your Mats, Bring your weights and your team T-Shirts


Teams are getting into great shape with Zumba during Team Week and loosing so much weight and gaining so much knowledge, fun and tools for the life we all want to live.


Wearing team colors and making us very proud of them and their determination to continue their many successes.  Did you know our team total is well over 300 POUNDS!!! since the beginning of the Mount Ararat Biggest Loser Challenge.  We are working on the team tallies and should have that information to you soon, so keep tuned into the fun and keep checking site for regular BL updates.


Just so inspiring and feels so good when the work out is done.  Be sure to keep up the good work!  Zumba on Monday and Tonight Muay Thai with Willie Chapman. . .

We Have Some Winner Updates. . . . For Week Four

Our winner is Tamare Piersaint. The gift certificate is to Super Nails in Edgewood Town Center. You GO Girl!

Week 4 Winner

Keep checking the site for winner of this week!



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