Zumba Tonight, Bring Your T-Shirts & Gear. . . This Week We Will Feature Tips, Tools & Recipes. . .

Tonight is Zumba, time to get that heart a pumping. We want to keep our bodies energized and healthy. To keep it ‘moving’ Continue to eat good food, and during our FAST, we are to eat No junk food, NO MEAT (Abstain from Beef, Pork, Chicken, and Shellfish), Fish is permitted, along with continuing our financial fast through 3/18/2013.

You have ask us for recipes to help out during the FAST, thIs week we will focus on Tips, Tools and Recipes that you can copy or download to help in your mission, to eat good, feel good and to keep it moving!

Checkout these 10 tips for incorporating more fish. . .

Here is a tasty recipe for Salmon. . .

Let us know your favorite recipes for fish, take a picture of your dish, email it to us and you too can be featured in our upcoming section on recipes. . . .

Email us: mtararathealthandwellness@gmail.com. Or leave us a comment under any post.


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