Friday 3/8/2013 Don’t Miss Invited Guest Instructor Dr Taunya Tinsley – “A Psychological, Counseling, and Spiritual Approach to Holistic Wellness and Weight Loss . . . and some more Great Recipes for This Week of Tips, Tools and Recipes. . .

Identifying stressful, emotional, and/or mental issues that may be barriers to living a balanced and holistic lifestyle as well as barriers to losing weight and keeping off the weight.

Instructor: Taunya Tinsley, Ph.D, NCC, LPC

Dr. Taunya Marie Tinsley, NCC, LPC, completed her requirements and graduated with her Ph.D. in December 2005 from Duquesne University’s Executive Doctoral Program in Counselor Education and Supervision (ExCES). She received her M.A. degree in Higher Education Administration and College Student Development in 1995 from the University of Iowa. Dr. Tinsley also holds a B.A. in Business Administration from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN.

Dr. Tinsley is a counselor educator and associate professor at California University of
Pennsylvania. Additionally, Dr. Tinsley is the clinical director of the Mount Ararat Baptist Church Counseling Center and a practitioner in her private practice.

For over fifteen years, Dr. Tinsley has managed to stay active in both the workplace and the community advocating for and promoting organizations, helping professionals, including professional counselors, and their clients. She was one of six founding members of the Minnesota Association of Counselors of Color (MnACC), a group committed to assisting in the awareness, advancement and placement of students of color within institutions of higher education. Additionally, Dr. Tinsley has served as the secretary of the Ethnic Concerns Committee of the National Association of Academic Advisors for Athletics (N4A) as well as the secretary of the organization as a whole.

Since 2006, Dr. Tinsley has been working in collaboration with the American Counseling Association to develop, facilitate, and enhance the Sports Counseling Interest Network (SCIN), a forum for professional counselors who are interested in learning about counseling athletes and sports counseling. Previously, Dr. Tinsley served as the North Atlantic Regional Representative for the Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development (AMCD), the president of the Pennsylvania College Counseling Association, a division of the Pennsylvania Counseling Association and a Chapter of the American College Counseling Association, and the President of the Pennsylvania Counseling Association.

Dr. Tinsley’s interdisciplinary areas of counseling, research, and publications include multicultural issues in counseling, multicultural training and organizational development, spiritual counseling, sports counseling, and youth, adolescent, and adult development through sports. She is also completing her requirement for a certificate in Missional Theology at Biblical Seminary.

Be sure to check your email for documents to complete and bring with you Friday 3/8/2013

Here are a couple of great healthy recipes. . . start packing lunches for you and your family. . . you will be able to insure wholesomeness and save money. . . here are a couple of lunch ideas, pack the bread and wraps separately and have the fam build the ingredients when ready to eat. . . enjoy!




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