Friday 3/16 6:30pm. . .Rev Benjamin Calvert Strength & Core Workout

Photo Compliments of Mt Ararat Website

Photo Compliments of Mt Ararat Website

Hey Biggest Loser participants Friday 3/16/2013 @6:30 pm don’t miss a Strength and Core Fitness class that will test endurance, strength and stamina

 Our Special Instructor: Rev. Benjamin Calvert

About Rev. Calvert. . .

Reverend Benjamin L. Calvert II was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa. to Benjamin and Etta Calvert. He was licensed to preach in May of 2001 and ordained in January 2002, under the training, leadership, and direction of Reverend Dr. William H. Curtis.

In 2003, Rev. Calvert was promoted to Executive Minister after serving as an Assistant to the Pastor and the Minister of Outreach. Under his leadership, he is responsible for overseeing the daily operations. His duties include coordinating all planning, administration, and implementation of all church programs, activities, and special events. He also provides oversight and direction in the development of new ministry opportunities discovered in the church and the community.  He has stewardship responsibility over the entire Mt. Ararat Church staff and their individual ministry tasks and responsibilities.

Rev. Calvert’s ministerial mission is to provide effective, quality leadership under the Pastor’s vision by serving the congregation and the community. It is his desire to be a direct representative of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God both here at Mount Ararat and abroad. In order to maintain his effectiveness, he believes in Jesus Christ as the relational model for ministry, which allows him to keep his hand on the pulse of the people and the community. To do so, he leads from among the people.

With a burden for the strengthening of males, both young and old, Rev. Calvert started The Manhood Project.  The focus of the Manhood Project is to restore masculinity and manhood to its natural place of stature in the home, church, and community by regular advocacy, mentoring, and life-coaching.  For additional information, visit

Rev. Calvert is also the Chairmen of the Board of Directors for A Giving Heart, an organization that is burdened to address the needs of homeless families in the city of Pittsburgh.  With a burden for outreach, he continues to serve in various capacities of leadership throughout the community and abroad. He is a gifted leader, teacher, and preacher that is grateful to be saved and enthused about the privilege to minister on behalf of the Kingdom of God.

According to Rev. Calvert, “God has brought me out of the iron furnace and included me into the fellowship with the people of His inheritance. While I am among the fellowship of His chosen people, I seek to be used by God to bless Him and the church.”

Compliments of Mt Ararat site


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