We Are Looking For Your Testimonials!. . .New Stats, Final Weigh In News, Wednesday 3/20 Sabrina Wright & More. . .

Hello We are looking for your testimony from your experience with the Mt Ararat Biggest Loser Challenge, be sure to share your story and get your photo taken. Plus  lots more News for you, please read below. . .

1. Wednesday 3/20 Tonite! Fitness with Sabrina Wright, please bring your gear, include your BL Tee-Shirts, dress comfortably.


2.  Friday  3/22  Final Weigh-in and assessments with the fitness team from California University of PA.

3.  Friday  3/22  @ 5:30pm  is Fitness class with Dinah Hainesworth


4.  Mark your Calendar for the New UPDATES below!

Saturday …….March 23      Rescheduled (Due to Fast) to April 6

Tuesday………March 26      Fitness class

Monday……….April 1          Zumba class

Wednesday…..April 3          Pastor Curtis or Rev. Calvert – Martial Arts

Friday…………April  5.        Rachel Goode  Part 2 Spiritual Journey

Saturday……..April  6.        Chef Diedra  dinner prepared at 3pm

Sunday ……….April 7.         11:45am  service announcement of  Mt. Ararat Biggest Loser  (Indiv & Team)

Saturday……..May 18          Highmark Walk (Forming a Biggest Loser Team)

5.  See your New Team Stats  by clicking on the “BL Team Page and Stats” tab. . . Congratulations you are doing Great!  You can also click on the chart to the right to take you to the Stats Page for your team results. . .

6.  Be sure to take a look at the great juice blend recipe suggestions below, I am sure you will find something delicious. . .  ummmm


7.  Don’t forget your testimony, tell us your story. . .  we really want to know…


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