Friday 3/22 The Big Day, Final Weigh – In & Assessments with The Fitness Team of Cal Univ of PA. . . & Dinah Hainesworth Fitness Class . . .& Fruit Tips from the Cobalt Team

Friday 3/22 is the “Big” day.  Our weigh- in and assessments with the fitness team of Cal University.

Find out your new body fat percentage, and complete a  new functional movement analysis, see how far you have come since the beginning of our Mt Ararat Biggest Loser Challenge.  Meet with Bobby and Phil once again.

Our Cal U Fitness Assessment Team . . .


Bobby SepesyStrength & Conditioning Coach

Started at Cal U:  2007

Phone:  724.938.4562

Fax:  724.938.5849


Bobby Sepesy is in his third year serving as the Strength & Conditioning coach at California University of Pennsyvlania in the 2009-10 academic year. Along with overseeing all of the weight training with Cal U student-athletes, he works directly with the football, volleyball, softball and women’s basketball teams.

Before arriving at Cal U, Sepesy assisted with the strength & conditioning at Division I College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass.

A nationally-ranked bodybuilder, Sepesy holds many titles including Mr. Pittsburgh in 2005 and Mr. Lehigh Valley in 2002. He was also named runner-up at the Junior Nationals in 2005. (Compliments of the Cal U website)


Phil Vitalbo

Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach

Started at Cal U:  2007

Phone:  724.938.4562

Fax:  724.938.5849


Phil Vitalbo enters his third year serving as a graduate assistant with the Strength & Conditioning Staff at California University of Pennsylvania during the 2009-10 academic year.

Vitalbo completed his undergraduate work with a degree in mathematics at The College of Wooster (Ohio). He was a two-year starter on the Fighting Scot football team and finished his career with 149 tackles (82 solo) with 14.0 tackles for loss (TFL). After helping lead Wooster to an eight-win season in 2006, Vitalbo earned all-conference honors and ESPN The Magazine Academic All-District accolades as a senior.

He is currently certified through the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and is pursuing his Performance Enhancement Specialist certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

In high school, Vitalbo was an all-conference linebacker at Seton-La Salle Catholic High School in Pittsburgh. He was also a member of the Rebels’ 2002 WPIAL championship and PIAA runner-up football team.

Vitalbo also serves as the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at nearby Ringgold High School in his hometown of Monongahela, Pa. (Compliments of the Cal U website)

And also Friday 3/22 wear your Team Tee-Shirts, bring your gear, for Fitness Class with Dinah Hainesworth. . . Don’t miss this great fun time. .  .

Photo by Anne Germany

Photo by Anne Germany

See you there, be sure to check the Team Stats  tab to review the team weigh loss status!

Here is a special fruit tip sent in to us from Tiwanda Taylor of the Colbalt Blue team. . .   Thanks Tiwanda!!!

What Fruits Are Low In Sugar?

That said, if you are determined to eat low-sugar fruits to boost your weight loss (and your morale) during the early days of your weight management plan, the following fresh fruits are low in sugar:

Apple (sliced)
Apricot (4 oz.)
Cherry (sour, sweet, 10 medium)
Coconut meat (1 oz. or 1 cup shredded/grated, not packed)
Coconut milk
Currant (red, black, white)
Grape (10 medium)
Honeydew melon
Kiwi fruit (1 medium)
Kumquat (1 medium)
Lemon/Lime (2 inch diameter)
Lemon/Lime Juice (1 oz)
Orange (sections, without membrane)
Peach (1 med, 4 oz.)
Persimmon (American, Japanese, 1 medium)
Pineapple (1 oz)
Tangelo (1 medium)
Tangerine (1 medium)

Except where noted, all have less than 10 gm carbs in a half cup serving.

What Fruits Are High In Sugar?

Fresh fruits that are relatively high in sugar are grapes, kiwi, oranges, pineapple and tangerines.
Fresh fruits that are very high in sugar are bananas and mango. All dried fruits are high in sugar as they are concentrated.

Read more:


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