A Message

Welcome to Mt Ararat Baptist Church Health and Wellness Ministry.   I am very excited about our ministry and it’s members.

We have great plans for the future, being able to present information and testing, along with meeting the needs of our parishioners and community, living up to our mission statement.

As advocates for healthy living, it is a rewarding feeling when we see so many community members stop by our health fair tables with questions and taking information with them to share with other family members and friends. Please feel free to look for the Health and Wellness Ministry Health Fairs, stop by our tables in the fellowship hall usually the second or third Sunday of every month.

As always, we would love to have you join our team!  Please leave a comment below with your contract information to join us, or leave a health topic you would like to hear more about. Thanks,

Loretta Martin, RN

Spiritual Leader of the Health and Wellness Ministry at Mt Ararat Baptist Church, Pittsburgh PA


2 thoughts on “A Message

  1. well so far we have a name for our team, never picked a leader. we have never really gotten together for anything that i know of, but I’m willing.

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