BL Team Page and Stats

Stats of 3/18/2013

Once again congratulations are in order, the Mt Ararat Biggest Loser Challenge participants are 549.25 POUNDs  lighter… Woo Hoo, Outstanding!  We are very proud of you. . . .

Here is this weeks breakdown by teams;

85 Participants plus 8 Health & Wellness members

BL Stats wk03182013

Here is the teams percentage of total weight loss that your team has achieved . . .
BL Team PerCent wk03182013

Congratulations and Praise be to Jesus, Praise be to God!

Stats of 3/11/2013

Great Work Teams. . .  Here is the team status to date. . . over a whopping 500 pounds with just 87 participants!  That is literally over 1/2 TON of Weight You have lost since the beginning of the Mt Ararat Biggest Loser Challenge. . . You Go!  Praise God!


Total Weight by Team Per Centage

Way to Go and Outstanding work.  Praise God, all the Glory and Praise to God!  Praise Jesus, Praise God, Thank you Jesus! Thank you.


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