The BIGGEST Loser 2013 Details

Check Out the Calendar of Events below Scheduled for January through March 2013  for the Mt Ararat Biggest Loser, Woo Hoo!

Weight Loss and Live Coming for 2013

Our “Biggest Loser”  Objective is to inspire wellness and healthy lifestyles among all  the Mt Ararat Biggest Loser program participants. We are targeting  individuals based on their BMI, to participate in a 10-week program. The program will run from January 13th- March 31st, 2013.


Classes Available 

Check the calendar for dates

  • Cardio Kickboxing

The best kept secrets to getting a firm butt, smaller  waist, toned arms and a lean body.  Instructor:  Sabrina Wright, AFAA Certified Group   Exercise Instructor & Personal Trainer

  • Cardio Strength Training

Torch fat, build muscles and get stronger faster.  Instructor:  Dinah Hainesworth, AFAA Certified GroupExercise Instructor, Fitour Personal Trainer

  • “Don’t Miss Me”

Participants focus on their relationship to food and reasons for previous failure in weight loss.  Participants will assess their hearts and the current status of their relationship to God and their relationship to food.

Instructor:   Rachel Woodson Goode, LCSW

  • Family Wellness

Learn how to incorporate nutrition and wellness for the entire family.     Instructor:   Keya Williams, AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor

  • Fellowship Dinner

Chef Diedra Moore cooks up a healthy 3-course meal as participants discuss their progress throughout the program.

  • Fitness Assessments

Find out your body fat percentage, and complete a functional movement analysis as well as learn proper techniques in corrective exercise.

Fitness Team:  Bobby Sepesy & Phil Vitalbo, PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist), CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), USAW (USA Weightlifting), CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)

  • Food Sampler

Learn how to cook more healthy meals at home.  The session will be informative, and also includes a demonstration, as well as a chance to sample the prepared meal.      Chef:  Diedra Moore

  • “Losing it for the Last  Time”

Participants debrief their experience during the program.  Participants will be engaged in a discussion on biblical freedom, spiritual nourishment, and the path to permanent weight loss.     Instructor: Rachel Woodson Goode, LCSW

  • Martial Arts

A fitness format that can increase strength, stability, stamina, flexibility and explosive power.

Instructor:  Rev. Dr. William H. Curtis

  • Muay Thai

Through Muay Thai you will lose weight, look better and get in better shape.

Instructor:  Rev. Ben Calvert

  • Nutrition

Learn all about nutrition for a healthy lifestyle from the Director of Sports Nutrition for UPMC and the Steelers, Pittsburgh Pirates, and Penguins, open to the public for only $5.00      Dietician: Leslie Bonci, MPH, RD, CSSD, LDN

  • Total Body      Toning

Exercises that tone arms, legs, belly, and back.      Instructor:  Chris Howard, Personal Trainer

  • Yoga

A non-competitive fitness format that will increase strength, improve coordination and balance, lower stress, and help with weight loss.     Instructor:  Felicia Savage (tentative), Keya Williams, AFAA Certified Group Exercise Instructor

  • Zumba

An exhilarating, calorie-burning dance fitness format.  Join the Party.     Instructors: Dinah Hainesworth and Sabrina Wright, Zumba Certified


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